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Skid-mounted Hydrogen Refueling Station
Skid-mounted Hydrogen Refueling Station

Skid-mounted Hydrogen Refueling Station

  • Brief description:
    The skid-mounted hydrogen refueling station offers a compact and efficient solution for fulfilling hydrogen refueling needs. By integrating the hydrogen storage system, compressor, cooling unit, unloading column, hydrogen refueling machine, and station control system onto a single skid-mounted chassis, it boasts numerous advantages. With its small footprint, the station requires less space for installation while providing quick and easy equipment expansion if needed.


This innovative design not only reduces investment costs but also shortens the construction period, allowing customers to meet their hydrogen refueling demands promptly. Moreover, the skid-mounted hydrogen refueling station caters to diverse requirements from various enterprises. Whether for immediate use or future scalability, it offers convenience and adaptability.

Another key benefit is that the skid-mounted hydrogen refueling station can be manufactured and assembled in a controlled factory environment. This quality assurance ensures reliable performance, enhanced safety, and seamless operation. Furthermore, operating and maintaining the station is straightforward, further supporting its practicality and efficiency.


Equipment Features:

A: The equipment offers high integration with a compact and integrated design, occupying minimal space during on-site installation. This allows for quick deployment and immediate usability.

B: Its skid-mounted design facilitates easy transportation and transferability, providing excellent mobility for different locations.

C: The station incorporates key components that are sourced from reputable suppliers, ensuring the use of original parts. The electrical instrumentation system is specifically designed to be explosion-proof, prioritizing safety and reliability.

D: With a streamlined process pipeline, the equipment enables rapid refilling due to short pre-cooling times and fast refilling speeds.

E: The inclusion of a programmable logic controller (PLC) enables full automation and efficient control. The system also features a user-friendly human-machine interface, simplifying operation for operators.





Application Scenarios

Complete vehicle hydrogenation demand, commercial hydrogenation, temporary hydrogenation, etc.

Daily refilling capacity


Filling pressure



The skid incorporates compression, refilling, and storage functionalities into a modular and integrated design, offering the advantages of a small footprint, easy transferability, a quick production cycle, and relatively affordable costs.

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