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Hydrogen Compressor
Extensive experience in the design and manufacture of H2 diaphragm compressors. save 10-20% of the cost for you. Discover our free gas solution today!
Structure type: Z Type,V Type,D Type, L Type
Flow-Rate Range:3~3000Nm3/h
Max.Discharge Pressure:14500psi(1000bar)
Sound level: 58±2~65±2 dB(A)
Max.Piston Force: 250kN
Max. drive power: 600hp(450kw)

Estimated Hydrogen Compressor Cost?

Flow rate(Nm3/h)?

Inlet pressure(Bar.G)

  • 8 bar
  • 13 bar
  • 16 bar
  • Other

Outlet pressure(Bar.G)

  • 8 bar
  • 20 bar
  • 200 bar
  • Other




  • 45 KW
  • 90 KW
  • 200 KW
  • Other
Leading Hydrogen Compressor Manufacturer

As the core equipment of hydrogen project, the hydrogen compressor accounts for about 30%-40% of the total cost. If you meet a reliable supplier of hydrogen compressors and achieve a price reduction of 30%-50%, we will achieve an overall cost reduction of 15%-20% for the hydrogen production project, which will greatly benefit the cost control.
·Diaphragms, wear parts for long life.
·Single unit capacity up to 1000Kg/d
·Low procurement costs, small footprint, and low energy consumption;
·High operational safety, no gas leakage due to the short life of wearing parts.

What is Hydrogen Compressor

excess of 15,000 psi, so that it can be stored in usable quantities There are several different types of compressors used to compress hydrogen; the more common of these are piston or metal diaphragm compressors. Collectively, they are known as reciprocating compressors. They are the most commonly used commercial hydrogen compressors.

Compressors are required for the transport and storage of hydrogen. Our hydrogen compressors are available in various versions to support the entire hydrogen energy chain:

·hydrogen cracking (methanol, natural gas, gas)
·hydrogen production by water electrolysis
·hydrogen filling
·benzene hydrogenation
·tar hydrogenation
·catalytic cracking
·other hydrogen boosting processes

Solution of Diaphragm H2 Compressor

Working Principle
The diaphragm hydrogen compressor is an efficient and safe method for compressing hydrogen gas. A diaphragm compressor is a specially constructed volumetric compressor that uses a rotating diaphragm to compress air or gas. The rotating diaphragm helps to deliver air or gas within the compression chamber and applies the required pressure to deliver gas in the desired area.
1.Diaphragm compressor is a special structure of the volume compressor cylinder without lubrication, sealing performance is good, the compression medium does not contact any lubricant, compression process does not produce any pollution, so the compression purity can reach 99.999%. Especially suitable for high-value rare gas and highly corrosive, toxic and harmful, flammable and explosive, radioactive gas compression, transport, and bottling.

2.Diaphragm compressor cylinder heat dissipation, simple and efficient structure, two-stage compression can achieve high pressure, but also close to isothermal compression, therefore, it is widely used in the fields of industrial gas, food and medicine, petrochemical industry, aviation nuclear power, military equipment, scientific research and experiment, etc.

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Established in 1987, Min Group has been developing and manufacturing industrial diaphragm gas compressors. They are the preferred equipment for high purity, hermetic gas lift compression for hydrogen fuel stations, chemicals, oil, and gas, etc. We have developed H, D, L, V, and Z models and more than 30 product series for intelligent diaphragm gas compression systems.

We can design and manufacture full instrumentation oil-free reciprocating diaphragm gas compression systems according to customer requirements. Sizes range from 3 hp (2 kW) – 250 hp (186 kW). Output pressures range from 50 psi- 45,000 psi (3,100 bar).

Why Choose Minnuo Diaphragm Compressor?

  • Maximum Range

    High Compression Ratio

    Large compression ratio, large compression chamber area, V type compression ratio up to 10:1.

  • Highest availability

    Quiet and low maintenance

    Less than 85dBA @ 1m without sound enclosure Easy to maintain and operate, with no oil distribution plate structure, and advanced oil pressure valve.

  • Lower vibration level

    High Discharge Pressure

    Minnuo diaphragm gas compressor discharge pressures up to 43,511 psi (3,000 bar)

  • Direct Connect

    Wear-free compression

    Three layers of diaphragms completely isolate the gas and hydraulic oil, high purity of the compressed medium, the medium is sealed at rest, completely isolated, completely isolated from sealing particles into the airflow.

  • Forged steel crankshaft connecting rod

    Provide Test Report

    Material testing of parts: mechanical property inspection and chemical composition analysis Kerosene leak test for body Water pressure test: water pressure test pressure is 1.5 times of the working pressure, and last for more than 30 minutes Operation test: no-load mechanical operation test and full-load mechanical operation test.

  • Constant lubrication

    Quality Control

    Conforms to the requirements of the EU Machinery Directive 2006/42/EC. Application standards. din en 1012 part 1, din en 12100 part 1, din en 60204 part 1, etc. Explosion-proof according to EU Directive 2014/34/EU, if necessary.

  • Direct Connect

    Extended service life

    Wear parts life guarantee Diaphragm: 4000 h Valve: 4000 h Life of main parts Piston rod: 100000h Cylinder head cylinder block: 120000h Crankshaft: 120000 Connecting rod: 120,000h Crankcase: 120,000h Piston ring: 30,000h Crosshead: 32000h Connecting rod bolt: 16000h Unit sets test life:20 years.

  • Forged steel crankshaft connecting rod

    Safety Interlock

    High-pressure protection: when the gas pressure reaches the specified pressure, the diaphragm compressor automatically stops, to play a protective role. Low pressure starts: when the gas pressure is lower than the set pressure, the diaphragm compressor starts to pressurize. Oil pressure protection: equipment lubrication system oil pressure can not be lower than a certain value, when lower than the set value, the equipment alarm, and shutdown. low water pressure protection: when the water pressure is lower than the set value, the equipment alarm, and shutdown, etc. PLC control of the equipment.

  • Constant lubrication

    Primary and secondary

    diaphragm rupture alarm When the diaphragm on the oil or gas side is ruptured, the oil or gas passes through the guide groove of the middle diaphragm and transmits the pressure to the pressure switch, which generates an alarm because the pressure controlled by the pressure switch is much lower than the working oil or air pressure. Replace the ruptured diaphragm in time to avoid accidents.


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Technology Features:

The diaphragm compressor body adopts an integral body to reduce the sealing surface and improve processing and assembly accuracy.

The charge pump adopts the built-in structure of the crankcase to provide stable hydraulic oil input to the cylinder while avoiding oil leakage.

The piston rod and crosshead adopt a floating connection with an automatic centering function.

The piston seal adopts German imported hydraulic seal to improve the stability of oil circuit system operation.

High-pressure cylinder adopts the oil distribution structure without oil distribution plate sieve, which distributes hydraulic oil more evenly in the cylinder (non-ring groove oil distribution structure), and reduces the difficulty of assembly process and sealing surface.

The diaphragm is designed without any openings, which improves the interchangeability and convenience of diaphragm installation and reduces the stress concentration caused by diaphragm openings.

The diaphragm leakage alarm can alarm when the diaphragm ruptures or compressed media leaks, improving the reliability of the machine. Leak alarm is equipped with a venting valve for easy operation and maintenance.

The regulator/following valve is equipped with an outlet flow sight glass, which makes it easy to observe the operation status of the compressor cylinder oil circuit system.

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