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Envision Hydrogen. Envision MINNUO.

The era of hydrogen has arrived, and MINNUO is leading the way. Our company encompasses every aspect of the hydrogen value chain, providing comprehensive solutions from production to utilization.

Whether you seek to harness hydrogen as a clean fuel option, leverage it as an industrial feedstock gas, or utilize it for heating and powering structures, we possess the cutting-edge technologies and specialized knowledge to support your project at every stage.

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Established and trusted expertise.

MINNUO stands alone as the company capable of encompassing every stage of the hydrogen value chain, spanning from production and refinement to distribution, storage, and practical applications in both industrial and consumer sectors.

With a foundation built on decades of research and a multitude of successful projects, MINNUO's hydrogen capabilities showcase its pioneering spirit and demonstrated proficiency in providing efficient and economically feasible hydrogen technologies ready for widespread implementation.

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Expansive and Expanding Range of Applications.

The demand for hydrogen technologies is steadily increasing due to their immense potential in expediting the shift towards more sustainable forms of energy, while also accommodating the diverse energy requirements specific to various regions.

Hydrogen serves as a clean fuel source, devoid of emissions, suitable for powering trains, buses, and cars. Furthermore, it finds utility as a feedstock gas in industries such as chemical production, refining processes, and steel manufacturing. Additionally, hydrogen serves as a valuable energy source for heating and powering buildings, while also functioning as an energy buffer for renewable sources.

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Transitioning to a Sustainable Energy Economy.

Hydrogen presents remarkable advantages as we strive towards an environmentally-friendly energy landscape. Its versatility becomes evident as it enables a gradual shift towards lower-carbon energy sources, being producible from natural gas and other non-renewable resources.

Additionally, hydrogen serves as an efficient energy carrier, acting as a medium for storing energy derived from both renewable and conventional sources. Looking ahead, the potential for generating hydrogen at a large scale with zero carbon emissions is promising. This can be achieved by utilizing renewable energy, such as solar or wind power, to facilitate water splitting through electrolysis.

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The hydrogen value chain

  • Hydrogen Production

    At our facilities, we employ various methods to produce hydrogen (H2) from diverse feedstocks and natural resources. Through processes like steam reforming, we generate H2 utilizing feedstocks such as natural gas, LPG, or naphtha, resulting in what is commonly referred to as gray hydrogen. Moreover, our expertise extends to the production of blue hydrogen, made possible by incorporating carbon capture and storage technologies. Furthermore, we have developed advanced technologies that facilitate the generation of H2 from renewable energy sources, known as green hydrogen. In all our endeavors, we prioritize aligning the selection of feedstocks, production capacity, purity levels, and availability to cater precisely to the requirements of our valued customers.

  • Hydrogen Processing

    To meet the specific needs of different applications, the hydrogen we produce undergoes additional processing stages. These steps encompass impurity removal, carbon dioxide (CO2) separation, and compression or cryogenic liquefaction. Leveraging our diverse range of process and engineering technologies, we possess the capability to identify and implement optimal solutions tailored to our customers' unique requirements. With a comprehensive portfolio at our disposal, we ensure that the hydrogen we provide is refined to the highest standards.

  • Hydrogen Distribution and Storage

    After undergoing the necessary processing, hydrogen is ready to be transported to its intended destination. We possess both the equipment and advanced technologies required for efficient transportation of both gaseous and liquid hydrogen. Our capabilities extend to storing hydrogen until it is needed. With our extensive experience in this field, we collaborate closely with our customers to find the ideal solution for every storage and distribution challenge. By leveraging our expertise and working in partnership with our clients, we ensure seamless and reliable hydrogen distribution and storage, tailored to meet their specific requirements.

  • Hydrogen Applications

    Hydrogen plays a crucial role in numerous industrial processes, and our comprehensive expertise allows us to provide an extensive portfolio of application technologies for this versatile gas. Our offerings ensure that hydrogen is utilized optimally across a diverse range of industries, including chemicals, refining, metalworking, and glass production. Furthermore, hydrogen serves as a forward-looking fuel source, contributing to a sustainable future. By leveraging our end-to-end knowledge, we enable industries to harness the full potential of hydrogen and pave the way towards a more environmentally friendly and resilient future.

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